The YOUTH project seeks to create a comprehensive methodological framework for studying youthhood within the context of social inequality and its intersection with public social media platforms. This framework aims to understand youthhood as a constructed reality with discursive, symbolic, and material dimensions, impacting urban public spaces and their representation. The project employs action research in collaboration with NGOs to empower young people, especially in their use of digital and non-digital means to access public spaces and overcome structural disadvantages. A spring school will be organized to refine this framework and outline a new research agenda.

Funding Institution: Center for Technology & Society (CTS)

Funding Programme: Open Call for Projects

Funding Amount: 20.981 Euro


Main Issues:

How does digital mediatisation through social media, streaming platforms and messenger services affect young people’s engagement with urban public space, taking into account the influence of social inequalities, and how do young people use spatial strategies and digital tactics to disrupt or reshape social routines and representations in public space?