The Centre is currently organized within the platform for inter- and transdisciplinary research and teaching in urban and spatial development located at the Faculty of Architecture and Spatial Planning, Institute of Spatial Planning

Our Centre’s core team currently consists of a University-, a Teaching- and Student Assistant. We strive to be a horizontally structured institution. On a semester-by-semester basis, our team is joined by external faculty who have local urban planning expertise at the intersection of urban life and urban form.

Core Team

  • Prof. Dr. phil. habil. Sabine Knierbein

    Head of Center and Associate Professor

  • Richard Pfeifer, MA 

    University Assistant and Doctoral Candidate

  • Magdalena Vock

    Study Assistant

  • Alvie Augustin,

    Teaching Assistant

  • Christian Scholze,

    Teaching Assistant (educational leave)

  • Antonia Skenderović, BSc

    Study Assistant (educational leave)

We are the central interface for communication between our Centre’s staff and other organizations in Vienna as well as in other cities. On a European and international level, the core team is responsible for the creation of new academic networks as well as for the consolidation of existing networks. 

Our core team guarantees scientific continuity between the annually changing teams of pre-doc, doc and post-doc researchers. We collaborate with other project partners in preparing research proposals, providing urban design peer review, commentary, and review activities. Furthermore, we consult with academic deans on the inclusion of new course content in architecture and planning curricula.

Current Lecturers

  • Katharina Kirsch-Soriano da Silva

Former Lecturers

Magdalena Augustin

Claudia Auzinger

Annamarija Batista

Charis Christodoulou

Cornelia Dlabaja

Stefanie Fridrik

Jörg Hofstätter

Katharina Höftberger

Matina Kapsali

Xenia Kopf

Szilvia Kovács

Philipp Krebs

Roland Krebs

Carina Lesky

Markus Maicher

Monika Mokre

Levente Polyák

Marjo Rauhala

Lale Rodgarkia-Dara 

Eva Schwab

Amila Širbegović

Marlene Wagner

Stefanie Wuschitz

Former Staff

Johanna Aigner 

Nina Cosmea Mayerhofer 

Pedram Dersch 

Christian Erlinger-Schiedlbauer

Angelika Gabauer 

Helena Götsch 

Katharina Höftberger

Olivia Kafka 

Valentina Kofler 

Elina Kränzle 

Dominik Linder 

Emilia Linton-Kubelka

Teresa-Elisa Morandini 

Dominique Peck

Julia Pyszkowski 

Laura Sánchez Fernández

Evangelia Raikidou 

Eliza Rokita

Elia Stefan 

Anja Steglich

Alexandra Ullmann 

Tihomir Viderman 

Anna Vukan 

Alexander Wukovits