TACTICS (Thinking in Action: Creative Transformation of Intercultural Common Space)

Funding Institution: Erasmus+

Funding Programme: Erasmus Mundus Design Measures

Funding Amount: 55.000 Euro


Project Partner:

Rennes 2 (FRA), Lead partner

University College Cork (IRE)

Leuphana University (DEU)

TU Wien (AUT)


Main Issues:

Can a nurturing spatial co-existence be taught, and can mediators help us learn how to live and share public and common space despite all our cultural differences? How to Empower everyday cultures to develop and reinforce vibrant democracy?

Duration of the Project: 15 months

Start of the Project: October 1st 2023

The YOUTH project seeks to create a comprehensive methodological framework for studying youthhood within the context of social inequality and its intersection with public social media platforms. This framework aims to understand youthhood as a constructed reality with discursive, symbolic, and material dimensions, impacting urban public spaces and their representation. The project employs action research in collaboration with NGOs to empower young people, especially in their use of digital and non-digital means to access public spaces and overcome structural disadvantages. A spring school will be organized to refine this framework and outline a new research agenda.