Public Lectures

19|12|2018 Urban Morphology International Lectures, Rome, Vienna. “Bridging urban form and social relations. An urban studies perspective”. (S. Knierbein)
05|12|2018 SKuOR Public Evening Lecture “URBAN STUDIES ANDTHE ETHICS OF CARE. Lessons from Southern Tel Aviv”. (N. Cohen)
20|11|2018 FACHTAGUNG Gelebte Stadträume Öffentliche Räume und Nachbarschaften, Luzern. “Gelebte Räume in der Stadt – zwischen Widerstand, Emanzipation und Alltag”. (S. Knierbein)
08|11|2018 International Workshop “Everyday geographies of public space. Imaginations and practices in Florence”, Florence. “Planning theory and lived space: Revisiting the critique of everyday life in the 21st century”. (S. Knierbein)
30|10|2018 Department of Human Geography and Spatial Panning, Utrecht. “Skills Mismatch and the `migration paradox´ of Israeli Bio-brains”. (N. Cohen)
22|09|2018 International symposium “Past Present and Future of Public Space Knowledge sharing toward implementation of the New Urban Agenda”, Venice. “Academic programs, projects and activities on public space: The Interdisciplinary Centre for Urban Culture and Public Space”. (J. Lehner)
13|07|2018 AESOP Annual Congress 2018 “Making Space for Hope,” Gothenburg. “Critique of Everyday Life and Post-Positivist Planning Theories”. (S. Knierbein)
12|07|2018 AESOP Annual Congress 2018 “Making Space for Hope,” Gothenburg. “Public Space Unbound. Urban Emancipation and the Post-Political Condition” (S. Knierbein, G. Esposito De Vita, S. Ragozino)
11|07|2018 AESOP Annual Congress 2018 “Making Space for Hope,” Gothenburg. “Places: Experiencing Again, Structuring Anew, Revisiting Relevance”. (S. Knierbein)
04|06|2018 Georg Simmel Think & Drink-Kolloquium, Berlin. “’Do they even care’? The micro-politics of urban empathy in Tel Aviv”. (N. Cohen)
17|05|2018 PSUC International Conference “The Urbanization of (In)Justice”, Nicosia. “Mapping urban morphologies of (in)justice”. (A. Gabauer, J. Lehner, S. Knierbein, T. Viderman)
16|05|2018 Seminar on Jewish Migrations, University of Southhampton. “Changes in Israeli state discourse and policy towards children of emigrants”. (N. Cohen)
18|04|2018 SKuOR Public Evening Lecture “Planning Theory and Everyday Life”. (S. Knierbein)
14|03|2018 SKuOR Public Evening Lecture “Negotiating urban space: Financialized, entrepreneurial, negotiated: which city is this?”. (B. Pizzo)
27|02|2018 Between Quality of Research and Value of Urban Practices International Seminar, New York. “Landscapes, Scales, Publics” (E. Wall)
23|02|2018 Urban Design Lecture Series: Spring 2018, New York. “Landscape Agency”. (E. Wall)
16|02|2018 In the Public Interest – Current Dilemmas. Cross-faculty seminar, London. “Public Space: Master plans to daily routines”. (E. Wall)
24|01|2018 Erasmus Teaching Exchange Visit at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology Sweden, Stockholm. “Public Space – Between Crisis and Innovation”. (S. Knierbein)