Sandrine Klot

MA Architecture


Sandrine has contributed to multiple collaborative working settings: i.a. as an architect/co-founder (design studio Escape*spHere, Wien), as a member/co-curator (Trespassing – Konturen räumlichen Handelns, Secession Wien), as a scientific researcher/editor (Public Space 2.0: ein Handbuch, FWF project funding/coop. Kunstuni Linz und TU Wien).

In her thesis, Sandrine addresses the everyday life of teenagers, their urge for spatial practice outside of institutional spaces as provided by family and school. Considering the difficult challenges posed by the transitional phase of adolescence, Sandrine discusses the potential impact of “post-political conditions” by asking how they interact with a young person’s individual process of coming of age. Both theoretical and empirical findings are explored to expand the planning premises for youth in the city and contribute to a deeper understanding of the spatial needs of youth in everyday contemporary urban life.

During her PhD Thesis about adolescents in the city, Sandrine has been studying various extracurriculous subjects including developmental psychology and educational topics at the University of Vienna