(Deutsch) SKuOR Winter 2012

SKuOR 2012 – Urban culture, public space and resources: Aesthetics and materiality

In March 2012 the new City of Vienna Visiting professor 2012 – Prof. PhD. Maria Kaika (University of Manchester, Manchester/UK) – already started to work at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Urban Culture and Public Space (SKuOR) in the field of ‘Urban culture, public space and resources. Aesthetics and materiality’. Together Dr. Anja Steglich, who is substitutionally directing the centre during Sabine Knierbein’s maternity leave, the PhD candidate Dipl. Ing. (Arch) Tihomir Vidermann, MSc, and the external experts Annamarija Batista, Carina Lesky, Szilvia Kovács and Daniel Aschwanden, Maria Kaika devotes herself to teaching and research activities during winter term 2012/2013. This term SKuOR offers a (Master-) Project on the topic of «Iconic City: Dialectics between imaginary and materialities» at the interface of the fields of urban studies and urban design/urban planning. This is complemented by a Master/PhD Seminar on «Contemporary urban research on urban culture and public space». Both courses at Vienna University of Technology mainly address master students in related disciplines, such as planning, architecture, urban design, geography, sociology, landscape architecture, cultural studies, … . Nevertheless, late bachelor students as well as PhD students are most welcome to join in too! In line with SKuOR’s basic principles, the team aims at combining interdisciplinary perspectives with explorative approaches in urban design, urban planning and urban research. Poster.

Do it yourself City! SKuOR joins urbanize 2012 by dérive

Together with Sektion Soziale Ungleichheit (SUN) [http://sozialeungleichheit.wordpress.com/] SKuOR [https://skuor.tuwien.ac.at]) hosts a workshop titled Production of urban space – Visions and realities within the upcoming urbanize! Festival [5-14/10/2012], with the aim of approaching/discussing/testing interventionist spatial practices. Within this open workshop SKuOR offers open lectures, seminars, talks and discussions. The workshop is directed at everyone who likes to engage in approaching, discussing or testing interventionist spatial practices. Get active and join us from 6-12 Oct. 2012!! Flyer.