OPEN CONFERENCE REGISTRATION:  CARE  - Cities. Action. Research and Education

The Interdisciplinary Centre for Urban Culture and Public Space at the Faculty of Architecture and Planning of TU Wien, Austria and the Centre for the Future of Places at KTH Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm, Sweden invite participation in the International Urban Studies Conference on CARE Cities, Action, Research and Education. With the focus on action, research and education, the conference will explore mutually formative relations between cities and care. We aim to discuss ambivalences inherent to care in regard to achieved progresses and ongoing struggles as well as to reflect on the power of caring practices in shaping solidary urban futures. The conference will pursue a more systematic integration of a plurality of empirical, methodological, theoretical and ethical approaches to care in urban studies, and will embrace different disciplinary perspectives, including social sciences, humanities and the spatial arts. To register for the conference, please send an email to, stating your name and affiliation. More information.



KNIERBEIN, S. and VIDERMAN, T (2018 Routledge)

Public Space Unbound: Urban Emancipation and the Post-Political Condition.

Through an exploration of emancipation in capitalist urbanization, this book argues the political is enacted through the everyday practices of publics producing space. This suggests democracy is a spatial practice co-constituted by residents, places and practices rather than an abstract professional field organizing people and movements.

Public Space Unbound brings together a cross-disciplinary group of scholars to examine spaces, conditions and processes in which emancipatory practices impact the everyday life of citizens. We ask: How do emancipatory mo(ve)ments relate with public space under ‘post-political conditions’? In a time when democracy, solidarity and utopia are in crisis, is it still productive to claim future progress by urban revolution, or shall we rather look at small emancipatory mo(ve)ments that characterize present everyday life?

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Review by Nicole Kirchberger in dérive

HOU, J. and KNIERBEIN, S. (2017 Routledge, in print)
City Unsilenced: Urban resistance and public space in the age of shrinking democracy.

What do the recent urban resistance tactics around the world have in common? What are the roles of public space in these movements? What are the implications of urban resistance for the remaking of public space in the "age of shrinking democracy"? To what extent do these resistances move from anti- to alter-politics?

City Unsilenced brings together a cross-disciplinary group of scholars and scholar-activists to examine the spaces, conditions and processes in which neoliberal practices have profoundly impacted the everyday social, economic, and political life of citizens and communities around the globe. They examine the commonalities and specificities of urban resistance movements that respond to those impacts. They focus on how such movements make use of and transform the meanings and capacity of public space. They investigate their ramifications in the continued practices of renewing democracies. A broad collection of cases is presented and analyzed, including Movimento Passe Livre (Brazil), Google Bus Blockades San Francisco (USA), the Platform for Mortgage Affected People (PAH) (Spain), the Piqueteros Movement (Argentina), Umbrella Movement (Hong Kong), post-Occupy Gezi Park (Turkey), Sunflower Movement (Taiwan), Occupy Oakland (USA), Syntagma Square (Greece), 1DMX (Mexico), Miyashita Park Tokyo (Japan), 15-M Movement (Spain), and Train of Hope Vienna (Austria).

By better understanding the processes and implications of the recent urban resistances, City Unsilenced contributes to the ongoing debates concerning the role and significance of public space in the practice of lived democracy and lived space.

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Interview with Jeff Hou in UW News.


1 January 2019

Since 1st January 2019 the Interdisciplinary Centre for Urban Culture and Public Space (earlier E280.A1) has been upgraded within the institutional structure of TU Wien. The centre is now affiliated with the Future Lab of the Faculty of Architecture and Planning at TU Wien (E285-02).

24 May 2019

The Interdisciplinary Centre for Urban Culture and Public Space at the Faculty of Architecture and Planning of TU Wien and the related Visiting Professorship Programme  celebrate their 10th Anniversary. Read more

20 – 22 November 2019

CARE - Cities. Action. Research and Education. International Urban Studies Conference at TUtheSky, Vienna. More Information

20 November 2019

CARE - Cities. Action. Research and Education: Opening Keynote by Dr. Katharine McKinnon: Care(full) community economies and the praxis of being-in-common (10 am, TUtheSky, Getreidemarkt 9,  11th Floor, 1060 Vienna, Austria

21 November 2019

CARE - Cities. Action. Research and Education: Concluding Keynote by Prof. Dr. Ali Madanipour: Critical Reflections on care (5 pm, TUtheSky, Getreidemarkt 9,  11th Floor, 1060 Vienna)

22 November 2019

CARE - Cities. Action. Research and Education: Keynote by Prof. Fran Tonkiss: Designing for (in)equality (9 am, Kontaktraum, Elektrotechnik-Gebäude, Gußhausstraße 25 – 29, 6th floor, 1040 Vienna)