Reflections on the Conference

Doctoral Seminar “Doing Urban Studies

The participants of the Doctoral Seminar “Doing Urban Studies” engaged in the documentation of the various speakers’ contributions throughout keynote speeches and the three thematic sessions on urban routines, temporalities and contestations. More than just summarizing the different inputs and approaches to the urban phenomena presented at the conference, they analyzed and reflected on questions of “doing urban studies” and “doing research”:

  • Which research subjects and studied phenomena are presented and discussed?
  • How are urban phenomena approached?
  • How are linkages and priorities between empirical material and theoretical strands in urban studies established?
  • How are issues of research positionality and reflexivity in empirical investigation as well as inter-contextual transferability and adaptability of theoretical approaches raised?

The outcome of this documentation are four co-authored essays which present their reflections on the conference in different formats:

Antonija Bogadi and Tihomir Viderman

Keynote Speeches | “Settling the Concepts: Unsettling Spaces”

Matilde Igual Capdevila and Matina Kapsali

Urban Routines | “Urban Routines/ Two Accounts”


Elina Kränzle and Santiago Sanchez Guzman

Urban Temporalities | “Dialogues on Urban Temporalities”

Magdalena Augustin and Xenia Kopf

Urban Contestations | “Our Unsettled Times”