Keynote Fran Tonkiss

Friday, 22 November 2019, 09:00 @ Kontaktraum, Gußhausstraße 25 – 29, 1040 Vienna

Designing for (in)equality

How might design and planning strategies address urban inequalities and promote less exclusionary urban environments? While it is quite easy to see the ways in which architecture and spatial design can work to entrench and reproduce social and economic divisions in the city, it is often harder to identify design and planning solutions which might help to mitigate spatial and social patterns of inequality. This talk considers both the ways in which design and planning practices serve to reinforce urban inequalities, and the potential of critical interventions – in public space, housing, transit, urban environments and social infrastructures – to challenge the spatial organisation of the unequal city. 

  Professor Fran Tonkissis an urban sociologist, and Professor of Sociology at the London School of Economics, UK. Her research explores the relationship between spatial, social and economic forms in the city, with a particular focus on design, infrastructure, public space, social divisions and interactions, and urban inequalities. Her works include Space, the City and Social Theory (2006),Cities by Design: the social life of urban form (2013) and a forthcoming book on Urban Inequalities.