Friday, 22 November 2019, 15:00 @ Meeting Point TU Corner, Wiedner Hauptstraße/junction Resselgasse, 1040 Vienna

Art in public space manifests itself in the multi-phase project ICH BRAUCHE PLATZ! as a broadly based, cooperative art and spatial research process: under the overall direction of Karin Harather, potentials and resources of the Technische Universität Wien – Institute for Art and Design 1, of KÖR – Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Wien and of IBA – Internationale Bauausstellung Wien are brought together. The “Studio.DISPLACED”, a former public bus that was converted into a multifunctional experimental space by architecture students in a design.build-studio (2016/17), serves as a mobile art and space research laboratory.

From October 2019 to June 2020, the bus will make a stop in three IBA target areas, namely in the Vienna urban development areas of Berresgasse, Neu Leopoldau and Per-Albin-Hansson-Siedlung, and will remain stationed for two months at a time. Together with students and local young people as well as other local cooperation partners, artists will develop demand-oriented and socially integrative art and spatial research activities.

As a spatial basis, the Studio.DISPLACED offers a concretely usable space that is increasingly unavailable to more and more people in the city: space for joint and consumption-free activities, space for self-effective creative activities, space for creative exchange and informal learning with and from one another, space for meetings at eye level and emancipation, …

The Studio.DISPLACED thus functions as a low-threshold research platform and open creative space: Through process-based joint action, these young people who are already living in this urban development area are exploring, experimentally testing and documenting what kind of (free) spaces they would think to need in their – now strongly changing – “Grätzl”, where (free) spaces should be localized, how they could be structured and used.

Reaching young people directly on site, actively involving them in cooperative art and research activities, does not only aim at gaining knowledge and generating new knowledge. It is equally essential to initiate processes of spatial perception and appropriation that will continue to have  an effect throughout the duration of the project, to strengthen the creativity of the young people and their joy in own creative activity, thereby opening up new spaces for them to think and act.

Karin Harather, Ass. Prof. Mag.art. Dr.phil. is associate professor at the Institute for Art and Design, Faculty of Architecture, TU Wien. Research and education by using a transdisciplinary approach involving art and analysis. Main areas of expertise: public art and living-lab-interventions, everyday aesthetics, aesthetic education, art-based integration work, cooperative design processes.