Do you care about the air?

Friday, 22 November 2019, 14:00 @ Meeting Point Campus Gußhaus, Gußhausstraße 25 – 29, 1040 Vienna

The environmental changes and challenges of changing nature, species extinction, large scale agriculture, toxication of atmosphere and other planetary degradation render the human impact upon the environment. This planetary knowledge is created by data information fluxes that shape our knowledge and vision of changing nature. However, humans are not equipped with mental, emotional and imaginary possibilities for dealing with facts on a planetary scale. Our attention to the environment is constantly being defeated by economic growth and those in power who protect own interests. The aim of this workshop is to bring our attention to our collaborative acts of toxifying the atmosphere through which we can start to think about air as medium/object worth of our care. Air quality within dense urban areas is cutting a lifespan of our collective body while we keep inhaling invisible particles of airborne dusts which can find the way how to enter our blood system and penetrate almost all human tissues.

“Dusts are solid particles, ranging in size from below 1μm up to at least 100μm, which may be or become airborne, depending on their origin, physical characteristics and ambient conditions.”

We do not perceive 18kg of dusts that every human being, on average, inhales in a lifetime. Therefore, during the workshop, we find and analyze several specimen of Viennese airborne dusts – collection devices will be placed carefully around the city centre to materialise the air. Through these samples of captured particular matter, one can start to understand the human impact on the environment. In urban precondition dusts seem almost inevitable, unless we pay close attention to constant (invisible) nano-changes of the environment. The tour will finish at Stephansplatz where we will have a closer look at the Stephansdom – one of the few cultural monuments which are able to render and reveal the changing environment – mirrored as a dusts layer on facade. Although the building is a non-human entity, we do care more about its conservation for future generations than we care about the preservation of our air we breathe, share and coexist.

The workshop is held by Dusts Institute (Adam Hudec and Yelta Köm).