Winter term 2011/2012

Urban culture, public space and markets: Economy and innovation

In winter term 2011/2011, following the annual programme of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Urban Culture and Public Space (SKuOR), he focus will be set as well on Urban culture, public space and markets: Economy and innovation from various angles. Throughout history, cities have always been places for economic activity just as places of political power and cultural life. Despite the relatively strong correlation between urban development and economic development, the many aspects of this relationship, among them the production of public spaces, are rather subject to diverse disputes than object of integrated academic debates. Sabine Knierbein and the City of Vienna Visiting Professors 2011 – Tore Dobberstein and Sophie Watson – will offer an integrated Project 3 on “Economic interests in public spaces and urban culture. Local corporate responsibility and social innovation?” on behalf of the Interdisciplinary Centre SKuOR, cooperating with the Centres SRF Regional Science (Giffinger, Kadi, Suitner) and IFIP Public Finance and Infrastrucure Policy (Getzner, N.N.). The scenes will be set once again on Budapest and Vienna. Furthermore, the 2010 established format of a PhD and Advanced Masters’ seminar will be continued, thematically centering around “Contemporary urban theory”.