Module 11

Urban Culture and Public Space: Exploring Urban Futures –  Urban Equity

Module 11 compiles a set of integrated courses dealing with “Urban culture and public space” at the interface of the fields of urban studies and urban design/urban planning. In 2017, the main focus will be on “Urban culture, public space and the future: Urban equity and the global agenda”.

The module consists of three courses:

Students are highly recommended to take part in all three courses.

The courses mainly address master students (late Bachelor or early PhD), especially from spatial planning and architecture are invited to take part. Yet we explicitly welcome students coming from other Viennese universities in related disciplines, such as urban studies, urban design, geography, sociology, landscape architecture, cultural studies, … as well as ‘Mitbeleger’.  The course language is English. We support students’ active participation in debates and interactive teaching formats, and encourage you to bring in and develop your own ideas and critical perspectives. We seek to create an international level of debate and exchange and welcome students from all countries and cultures. Just contact us (

To take part in all three courses of the module 11 please register for module 11 until 1st of March 2017 (08.30 pm) via TISS registration for the course, VO 280.482. Further course registration will be carried out directly at the kick-off meeting on 1st of March 2017 11:00 in Augasse 2-6, 2nd floor, WD02B21.

Dates of the Module 11

The main body of teaching will be delivered during three intensive teaching blocks (ITB):

ITB 1.  06 to 10 Mar 2017
ITB 2.  09 to 12 May 2017
ITB 3.  19 to 23 Jun 2017