Module 11

Urban Culture and Public Space: Welfare farewell? Exploring the Past(s)

The module consists of three courses, which in combination cover theoretical approaches to studying public life in the city, methodologies for researching public space and practice-oriented learning. Students are therefore strongly encouraged to take all the three courses of the module, which as a whole paves the way for both a broad understanding of and a conscious engagement in multiple urban publics of the city.

The course is directed at Master’s students in spatial planning and architecture. Late Bachelor or early PhD students are also invited to take part. We explicitly welcome students from other Austrian universities in related disciplines, such as urban studies, urban design, geography, sociology, landscape architecture, cultural studies: Please register as ‘Mitbeleger’ at Vienna UT. We seek to create an international level of debate and exchange and welcome students from all countries and cultures. The course language is English. We support students’ active participation in debates and interactive teaching formats, and encourage them to bring in and develop their own ideas and critical perspectives.

Dates of the Module 11:

The main body of teaching will be delivered during three intensive teaching blocks (ITB):

ITB 1 Approaching the welfare, 9 – 13 March 2015

ITB 2 Searching the welfare, 18 – 22 May 2015

ITB 3 Rethinking the welfare, 15 – 19 June 2015