Erasmus Exchange

Call for Applications: Erasmus Exchange for a research semester for PhD- and Master-students at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in the field “Innovative Urban Planning, Civil Society and Public Space”

Information and application deadlines on the mobility program are available at the webpage of the International Office.

To spend a semester abroad at the Department of Urban and Regional Planning (School of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering) at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is the opportunity to experience and explore a harbour city, where in face of the crisis spaces of alternative urban economies and a new urban solidarity have emerged and a new innovative city government leads the city forward. While the planning and architecture discourse mostly focuses on best practice examples from the North such as Rotterdam or Copenhagen, engaging with Europe’s South offers insights into urban societies where austerity and scarcity have brought about new forms of protest, of participation and the occupation of public spaces. In this young academic discourse Maria Kaika and Lazaros Karaliotas discussed the character of the indignant square of Syntagma and the emerging topography of this space of protest in their paper “The spatialization of democratic politics: Insights from Indignant Squares”(2014). In her recently published work “The Spatiality of Counter-Austerity Politics in Athens, Greece: Emergent Urban Solidarity Spaces” (2016) Athina Arampatzi analyses the consequences of the crisis for urban planning and urban societies and emerging social innovations in public space. Especially PhD-candidates have the chance to take on their research project in the field of “Innovative Urban Planning, Civil Society and Public Space” in Greece in exchange with other young researchers and professors in Thessaloniki.

A joint excursion to Thessaloniki at the beginning of Winter term 2016 was the kick-off for the collaboration with Aristotle University. Proficiency in Greek is not perequisite for the exchange. We’re looking forward to receiving your applications vie TISS mobility service! Study Guide der Architecture School Thessaloniki 2015/2016