As part of the activities of the City of Vienna Visiting Professorship, various scientific publications have been produced/are under preparation that have been critically appreciated on an international scale. These publications process, systematize and disseminate the contents and results of the joint scientific work, as well as further reflections on the selected academic years. Hence, the spectrum of audiences to be addressed is diverse: firstly, it is necessary to establish and consolidate a new research focus at the interface between urban studies, urban design and urban planning at TU Wien as well as within the European and international urban research landscapes. In addition to its global relevance this field, secondly, draws links to local spaces in the Danube metropolis, that has been since characterised by urban cultures in a multi-ethnic setting. Thirdly, planners and politicians in Vienna (and elsewhere), just like local designers, cultural managers and those working in the social economy, appreciate to take recommendations for action from the work of the Visiting Professorship. We try to successfully meet these diverse demands through different formats for the dissemination of our findings from research and teaching. Going as well beyond the activities of the City of Vienna Visiting Professorship, research thrives due to the individual research interests and work accomplishments of associated scientists and researchers.