Maria Kaika


Maria Kaika, Prof. DPhil

Professor of Human Geography, The University of Manchester
City of Vienna Visiting Professor 2012


 Curriculum vitae Maria Kaika

Maria Kaika is a qualified architect, and Professor in Human Geography, Honorary Fellow of the Manchester Architecture Research Centre, Director of the Social and Cultural Geography Research Group, and Director of the Masters Programme in Environmental Governance, at the University of Manchester.

 Professional career

University of Oxford, Fellow in Human Geography, St Edmund Hall College; Director of Studies in Human Geography, St. Hugh’s College.

Research interests

Cities and Nature; urban infrastructures and urban political ecology; Her most recent research on Iconic architecture and the City of London addresses the relationship between built form and urban patronage, and has been funded by the British Academy.


Appointments on International Academic and Policy Bodies
Editor in Chief of the International Journal of Urban and Regional Research; Editorial board member of: CITY; Human Geography; and European Urban and Regional Studies; Executive Board Member, Remaking Cities Institute, Carnegie Mellon University; Appointed member on International Evaluation Panel of the Academy of Finland (Research Programme on the Future of Living and Housing – 2010). Trustee for the Foundation for Urban and Regional Studies (2005-2010); Regular referee for the European Science Foundation, the Belgian Science Foundation, the Georgian Science Foundation, and the Economic and Social Research Council, and for top journals is the field of urban research. Public lectures and keynotes include addresses at London’s Royal Academy of Arts, London’s History Society, the Annual Meeting of the institute of Finnish Geographers.

Visiting appointments
Distinguished Visiting Professor at the University of London, Queen Mary college; Visiting Professor at KULeuven University; and at the Autonoma University of Barcelona (part of funded ERASMUS PhD programme on Urban Ecologies and conflict)


Courses on urban theory, urban cultures, global cities, and urban political ecology, at undergraduate and masters levels. Has supervised over 120 undergraduate dissertations. Currently directs the Masters course on Environmental Governance. Maria Kaika has supervised over 35 doctoral and Masters students and 5 post-doctoral researchers.

Selected publications

2005 M. Kaika “City of Flows: modernity, nature and the city” Routledge; New York

Edited Books
2006 Heynen, N., M. Kaika and E. Swyngedouw (eds.) In the Nature of Cities: Urban Political Ecology and the Politics of Urban Metabolism.
Selected Refereed Journal Articles

2011 M Kaika “Autistic Architecture: the fall of the Icon and the Rise of the Serial Object of Architecture” Environment and Planning D: Society and Space 29, 968-992

2010 M Kaika “Architecture and Crisis: re-inventing the Icon, re-imag(in)ing London and re-branding the City” Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers 35, 453-74

2009 M Kaika “Landscapes of energy: Hydropower from Techno-Natures to Retro-Natures” Harvard New Geographies: 2: 103-110
2008 F. Caprotti and M Kaika “City and Nature: ideology and representation in fascist New Towns” Social and Cultural Geography 9 (6): 613-634

2006 M. Kaika “Dams as symbols of modernisation: the urbanisation of nature between materiality and geographical representation” Annals, Association of American Geographers 96 (2): 276-301

2006 M. Kaika and K Thielen “Form follows power: a genealogy of spectacular building “ City: analysis of urban trends, culture, theory 10 (1): 59-69

2004 M. Kaika “Interrogating the Geographies of the Familiar: Domesticating Nature and Constructing the Autonomy of the Modern Home” International Journal of Urban and Regional Research 28 (2): 265-286

2003 M. Kaika “Constructing scarcity and sensationalising water politics: 170 days that shook Athens” Antipode 35 (5): 919-954