Aglaée Degros


Aglaée Degros, Prof.

Graduate Degree in Architecture
Member of Council of Spatial Planners from Belgium (CUB)
Member of Council of Urban Planning of the Netherlands
City of Vienna Visiting Professor 2010 (Junior)


Aglaée Degros

Born on 22nd of August, 1972, in Leuven, Belgium, CV

Professional career and research Experience

Visiting lecturer, Arnhem Academy of Architecture, Amsterdam Academy of Architecture
Jury member TFE, La Cambre, Brussels

Visiting lecturer, Arnhem Academy of Architecture, Amsterdam Academy of Architecture

Since 2008
Foundation A12NU, Utrecht / Cofounder

Tutor, Europan workshop, Santiago
Teacher, Summerschool, Rotterdam Academy of Architecture
Researcher, TU Delft
Visiting lecturer, Arnhem Academy of Architecture

Researcher, TU Delft
Visiting lecturer, Arnhem Academy of Architecture

Visiting lecturer, TU Delft, Arnhem Academy of Architecture
Jury member TFE, La Cambre, Brussels

Visiting lecturer, TU Delft, Arnhem Academy of Architecture, Rotterdam Academy of Architecture
Jury member, La Cambre, Brussels, Sint Lukas Brussels

Visiting lecturer, TU Delft, Arnhem Academy of Architecture, Rotterdam Academy of Architecture
Thesis mentor Rotterdam Academy of Architecture, University Paris (Val de Seine)

Visiting lecturer, TU Delft, Rotterdam Academy of Architecture
Thesis mentor, TU Delft

Visiting lecturer, TU Delft
Jury member TFE, La Cambre, Brussels

Since 2001
Artgineering, Rotterdam / Cofounder

Visiting lecturer, Tilburg Academy of Architecture
VHP Urbanism and Architecture, Rotterdam / Project: Deltametropool

AIJK Urban Planning, Los Angelos, USA

BAC Architecten, Karlsruhe, Germany


2009 – 2013
Commission member of ‘image quality’, the city of Nijmegen, the Netherlands

Jury member of Europan E10, the Netherlands
Jury member ‘Provinciale Architectuurprijs Vlaams-Brabant’

Jury member for the competition Park Zandweerd, Deventer
Open call jury member, Vlaams Bouwmeester / masterplan in Knokke, Belgium

2007 – 2009
Commission member, HGIS Culture Funds

Since 2007
External adviser of Polytechnic Windesheim
Member of the Scientific committee of Europan

2006 – 2010
Commission member, The Netherlands Architecture Fund (SFA)

External urbanist advisor for the city of Nijmegen / project Hessenberg

Jury member, Archiprix 2005

External urbanist advisor of urbanism for the city of Nijmegem / project Josephhof

Grants + Awards

Open call Vlaamse Bouwmeester, Ring Boom / 1st prize
Publication grant ‘Fonds BKVB’, foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture

Open call Vlaams Bouwmeester, Park Belle-Vue Leuven / 1st prize

Stipendium ‘Artist-in-résidence’, Krems, Austria

Echt zien N470, mijN470 / 1st prize

Bauhaus Award / nomination
‘Geest en Grond’ competition / 1st prize
Karl Hofer Award of the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK) / 1st prize

2002 – 2003
Project grant FBKVB, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Europan 6 competition / 2nd prize

Baunetz Internet Competition / 3rd prize


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DEGROS, Aglaée, BENDIKS, Stefan (2007c) ‘Roads and City – Dissociation and Proximity’ in 4th International Seminar on Urbanism and Urbanization, eds G. Bruyns, A. Fuchs, MJ. Hoekstra, H. Meyer, A. van Nes, International Forum on Urbanism, Delft, pp.126-134

DEGROS, Aglaée, BENDIKS, Stefan, Artgineering (2007b) ‘N4 – Vers une infrastructure vivante !’, A16 Editions, Brussels

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DEGROS, Aglaée (2006a) ‘Big Brother meets Welstand’, Retrieved 1 April 2008,

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DEGROS, Aglaée, BENDIKS, Stefan (2002) ‘Concepting and the city’ in Citybranding – Image building & Building images, ed. V. Patteeuw, NAI Publishers, Rotterdam, pp.105-109

DEGROS, Aglaée (2001) ‘B.O.B’ in Espace-vie, December, no.123, p.11


Péronnes-Lez-Antoing / Belgium / Sport campus – Adeps
Emmen / Nederland / Investigation to the development of the navigational route Erica – Ter Apel
Foundation A12NU / The Netherlands / Investigation to the A12 zone between Utrecht, Nieuwegein en Houten
District contract ‘Scepter’/ Elsene / Belgium / Provisional investigation for the revaluation of a district in Elsene
District contract ‘Cinema Belle-Vue’/ Molenbeek / Belgium / Provisional investigation for the revaluation of a district in Molenbeek
District contract ‘Sluis.Sint-Lazarus’ / Molenbeek / Belgium / Provisional investigation for the revaluation of a district in Sluis. Sint-Lazarus
Leuven / Belgium / assignment for the municipality of Leuven for the design of cycle path and a park

Campus ‘Jean Rostand’ / Philippeville, Belgium / Invited competition for development strategy of the school campus
La Place de l’Ouest / Bruxelles / Preliminary report based on consultation to the inhabitants on development perspectives of the Place de l’Ouest
District contract ‘Ecluse.Saint-Lazare’ / Molenbeek / Preparatory study for the revitalisation of a district of Molenbeek

A12NU Foundation / The Netherlands / Exploration of the area around the A12 between Utrecht and Nieuwegein
Martelarenlaan / Leuven / Development plan of Martelarenlaan and Bellevue Park in Leuven
District contract ‘Rives Ouest’ / Molenbeek / Preparatory study for the revitalisation of a district of Molenbeek
Willemsoord / The Netherlands / Development strategy for a roadside village
Schweitzer Square / Berchem / Invited competition for the redesign of a traffic square

mijN470 / The Netherlands / Art intervention for the new national road N470
Hybrid Space / The Netherlands / Lab about the network city

Vorselaar Plateau / Belgium / Invited competition for the redesign of a town center
Panyu Grid / China / Masterplan for a 14km riverfront development
Nation de la Nationale 4 / Belgium / Sticker design and photo essay

N4 / Netherlands / Research about a more direct relation between infrastructure and buildings
Fileportret (accompany in Rijkswaterstaat) / The Netherlands / study about the potential of travel time

FILEkit/ STAUkit (in cooperation with D+NL, feld72) / Product design and urban intervention in relation with traffic jam as an urban condition
Route Nationale 4 / Belgium / Mapping of a national road
Salamhitec / ‘WTC herontwerp and Burka design’ / Statement about the forms of a multi-cultural living together
Kleiburg / Bijlmermeer Amsterdam / communication strategy

Concept Kanaleneiland / Utrecht / concept for a postwar living quarter
Boek Citybranding / NAI Publishers / Rotterdam /study about citybranding
Ecotec Andreas Terrein (in cooperation with Gemeente Slotervaart and with Marx&Steketee) / Amsterdam / Invited competition for the design of a former hospital area

Californication / Los Angeles / Interactive analysis of the Lincoln Boulevard


A12NU / architectuurcentrum aorta / Utrecht, the Netherlands / January

2008 – 2009
Teamwork / Museum De Paviljoens / Almere, the Netherlands / November-January

NAI maak ons land / Rotterdam, the Netherlands / October

Collection d’Architectures. Sans titre / Salle Saint-Georges / Mons, Belgium / March-April

Collection d’Architectures. Sans titre / Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles / Paris, France / November-February 2008
Rafels, randen en routes / Museum De Fundatie / Heino / November-January 2008
Betekenis van infrastructuur / Recyclart / June
Hybride space / ABC Haarlem / May
Nation de la N4 / Recyclart / Brussels / Juni-September
Nation de la N4 / Biennale d’art contemporain / Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium / May-Juni
Nation de la N4 / Atrium du MET / Namur, Belgium / April-May
Nation de la N4 / Bibliothèque provinciale de Marche / Marche, Belgium / April-April
Nation de la N4 / Pavillon de l’Orangerie / Bastogne, Belgium / Maart-April
Nation de la N4 / Palais du Gouverneur / Arlon, Belgium / March
Wonderland / Institut Supérieur d’Architecture Saint-Luc / January-March

United colours of NL / Aorta Architectuur Centrum / Utrecht / October
Wonderland / Architekturzentrum Wien / Vienna / June
Wonderland / DOM HDLU / Zagreb / January

Integratie Architectuur/ ABC Haarlem / October-December
Wonderland / Magazini del sale / Venezia / September-October
Wonderland / La maison de l’ architecture / Paris / June
Wonderland / WTC Schiphol / Amsterdam / April
Typische NL door NO-NL / ABC Haarlem / June-August
(Re) nouveaux plaisirs d‘architecture/ Place Flagey / Brussels, Belgium / February-April

Geest en Grond / Architecture Center RAP / Leiden / July-August
Geest en Grond / Museum De Zwarte Tulp / Lisse / April-June
Wonen op niveau / Projectbureau Wederopbouw / Enschede / April
Il Progretto, Video / Politecnico di Milano / Milan, Italy / January

Artimage – Biennial on media and architecture / Graz, Austria / December
Archimedia / Video di architettura / Catania, Italy / November
Intimacy / 7e International Festival of Architecture in Video / Stazione Leopolda / Florence, Italy / October
European Forum Alpbach / Architektursymposium / Alpbach, Austria / August
1st International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam / Las Palmas / Rotterdam / May-June
In progress / Nederlands Architectuur Instituut (NAI) / Rotterdam / March-April

Citybranding Groepsportretten / FBKVB / Amsterdam / September-October
Concepting and the City / Aorta Architectuur Centrum / Utrecht / May-June
Water is a right / Platform Gras Architecture Center / Groningen / April-June

Europan 6 / Palais des Congres / Luik, Belgium / December
Coming soon / Van Nelle fabriek / Rotterdam / June-July

Europan Hoogvliet / Informatie Centrum ‘Hoogvliet vernieuwt’ / Hoogvliet / October-November