Doctoral Thesis

since 2019    

Angelika Gabauer (urban studies, political theory)

Revisiting the Just City: Understanding Urban Everyday Realities of Elderly People (working title)

since 2018    

Predrag Milic (architecture, urban studies)

THE SELF-PROVIDED CITY: On the importance of informal processes for the re-conceptualisation of the idea of public good on the urban periphery (working title)

since 2017    

Magdalena Augustin (art history, architecture)

Historical Architecture and Collectivism. Self-managed Building Activities and Counterculture in Techno-Clubs of German-speaking Countries. (working title)

since 2016    

Elina Kränzle (planning)

Nation, Culture, Public Space. How Nationalist Practices, Discourses and Representations Redraw National Boundaries in Cologne and Vienna. (working title)


Tihomir Viderman (planning)

Appropriating places of concern: affect and inclusive design praxis. (working title)



Xenia Kopf (cultural studies)

The city as performative space. Cultural Praxis in Urban Transitory Spaces (working title)



Maria Virginia Piñero (landscape architecture)

The landscape according to the blind people. The participation of the other senses in the valuation of the landscape.

El paisaje según las personas ciegas. La participación de los otros sentidos en la valoración del paisaje.