Yannick Everad (2020)


Inklusion, öffentlicher Raum und Planung – Die ‘Omas gegen Rechts’, eine gerontologisch bedeutsame Gegenöffentlichkeit

Abstract   In this thesis, counterpublics are defined as networks that have the aim to provide an alternative for people, which are barely noticed or even entirely excluded from the public. Due to this, they gather together in counterpublics, so that they can communicate their opinions, strategically rethink them and collectively convey them to the public. Through this, they hope to increase their success rate and be better able to follow their own interests. (see Spehr o. D.)The investigated counterpublic in this work, comes under the name “Grannies against the Right” (dt. “Omas gegen Rechts”). Beside the content-related agenda of the group and their function as a social movement, the importance for the members in activism itself is underrated. This paper shall provide deeper insights in the organisation of a quite interesting counterpublic. From an urban planning perspective, derived findings could shed a new light on public and public space, which don’t grant equal conditions for everyone in contemporary times. A counterpublic way of looking at things, offers a chance for new planning approaches on public space. In this sense, innovative planning strategies could be developed, which would embrace improved equality and inclusion in planning processes. This could benefit a more democratic public space.
Submitted   at the Faculty of Architecture and Planning
Supervision   Dr. phil. DI (FH) Sabine Knierbein