Teresa-Elisa Morandini (2013)

deckblatt   Konfliktraum Stadt.

Der urbane Raum als Schauplatz und Inhalt zivilgesellschaftlicher Aushandlungsprozesse

Background   The main research within this thesis focuses on the negotiation processes regarding the constitution of urban space. Learning to intimately watch, read and understand them is considered as an important tool for designing social sustainability in cities.
Abstract   Urban space exists on the one hand out of the built environment, on the other hand out of the human beings that live, act and interact within this environment. Considering the increasing social differentiation, urban space becomes a sphere where more and more different cultures, values and lifestyles come together. This fact leads to a different, partly diverged understanding, in terms of function, design and usage. The urban space in turn becomes the setting and the substance for distribution battles. The main research within this thesis focuses on the negotiation processes regarding the durable resource urban space. Against this background it transforms into a field of conflict, where powerful and less powerful groups of players and individuals, provided with different amounts of economic, social, cultural and symbolic capital, battle to prevail and implement their interests and ideas. On a macro-level economic use of urban space opposes a notion of it as a living and working space. Furthermore a wide range of particular interests clash on a civic micro-level. Considering all this different interest groups especially public space as a space for everyone is under considerable strain. According to four criteria the approach of civil society protagonists can be differentiated into everyday and emancipatory strategies. A photo documentary serves as the foundation for this differentiation and underlines the discussed issues.
Submitted   at the Faculty of Architecture and Planning on January, 1st 2013
Supervision   Senior Scientist Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Oliver Schürer
Co-Supervision   Univ.Ass. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.-Ing. Anja Steglich