Nicole Ringer (2012)


Between cultural expression and representation of power.

Street names in Vienna, their influence on the production of public space and their significance for gender issues

Background   Street names are an expression of past and present societies. As important guidance within public space they influence the various dimensions of the production of space. The thesis tries to explain this influence within a theoretical frame.
Abstract   The master thesis deals with street names in Vienna and their influence on the production of public spaces with a special consideration of the gender question. At the beginning a historical overview on Vienna’s street names is presented together with various statistics on current street naming practices. With theories on space, public space and public sphere, expert interviews and additional social science theories, street names in Vienna were analyzed with a focus on their influence on urban culture and the production of meaning, power relations and the special gender topic in terms of marginalization of women in public space and on street names. The analysis showed that street names project social power relations and are therefore strong symbols in public space with influence on the production of space and the constitution of public sphere. On this basis final recommendations for action in the fields of street naming and urban planning were given.
Submitted   at the Faculty of Architecture and Planning on 26th March 2012
Supervision   Dr. phil. DI (FH) Sabine Knierbein