Bernadette Dannerer (2020)


Privatization of public housing in Botkyrka Municipality, Sweden


This master thesis takes the privatization of municipal housing in Botkyrka Municipality in metropolitan Stockholm, Sweden despite inhabitants’ protest as a case study to gain a better understanding of how neoliberalization has shaped Swedish housing policy.

The main research question that is answered through this master thesis is: How has Swedish housing policy changed over the last decades?

The hypothesis guiding this master thesis is that while Sweden in leftist imagination has a more egalitarian political-economic model, in reality housing policy in Sweden has gone through a process of neoliberalization.

Methodologically this case study is built on literature research and newspaper content analysis. Semi-structured expert interviews help gaining additional insights into the situation of municipal housing companies in Sweden as well as the intersection of racial discrimination with displacement in stigmatized suburbs in Sweden.

The results of this master thesis confirm the hypothesis concerning neoliberalization. Due to this, municipalities are left with a double burden of having to finance renovations of existing housing while having to build new housing. Insurgent practices – of which the protests in Botkyrka municipality are an example – offer differing views on housing in stigmatized neighborhoods and the lived realities of their inhabitants.

Submitted   at the Faculty of Architecture and Planning
Supervision   Dr. phil. DI (FH) Sabine Knierbein