AG Innovation in spatial planning and spatial research

by Thomas Sieverts, Chiara Tornaghi, Sabine Knierbein

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General information

The AG is offered in close thematic context to the P3 The ORF story (280.054).
Especially master students from spatial planning and architecture are invited to take part, yet we explicitly welcome students coming from other Viennese universities as well as ‘Mitbeleger’. Just contact us. Inscription is possible via TUWIS++ (LVA 280.055/groups).
It will take part during following time frames:

13th to 16th October 09
9th to 11th November 09
18/19th to 21st January 10

Please note that the guest professors require a min. of 80% of attendance during the core times of the course during the whole semestre as well as puntuality.

Goals of the course

The workshop will be held in atelier athmosphere, where we will learn, practice and experience debating about planners roles and finding professional positions regarding up-to-date societal questions.Especially soft skills like meta-disciplinary work, media skills and debating shall be addressed in English language.


In the course of the workshop, reflections on what spatial planners, spatial researchers and spatial designers can offer particularly to media institutions will be stimulated. What role does urban space play for media institutions and how can space be used as medium, as tool for strategic institutional communication and as interface of institutional representation?

What is ‘innovative’, what is ‘creative’ contributions that contemporary planners, researchers and designers can offer to media institutions in the 21st century? Which role does interactivity play for the production of urban media within a city like Vienna?