VU Paths and Tools of Space Production

Urban Culture and Public Space – Paths and Tools of Space Production

VU 280.040 by Prof. em. Thomas Sieverts (senior professor), Prof. Dr. Chiara Tornaghi (junior professor)

Downloads: VO 280.040 (M11)


Comment: Dialogue

In the field of spatial planning, the initial teaching input in this intensive three-day block course focuses on the implementation of cultural projects in spatial planning. The aim is to obtain a preliminary impression as to the link between cultural and design strategies in urban public spaces with the focus shifting to macro-spatial strategies as a second step. Within the context of both lecture and workshop formats, a discussion shall be initiated as to whether new spatial planning tools can be developed from the practices being elucidated through the course. In the field of spatial research, an introduction to public art and place-making is offered by tackling such issues such as advocacy and criticism of participatory practices and the empowerment of communities. This shall be followed by the students’ presentation of their prepared theoretical contributions in order to open the focus for the workshop on day two. Said workshop, held in conjunction with artists and undertaken in preparation for an intervention, shall develop a vital debate on the topic as to how students can help latent needs emerge. A final presentation of the group’s conclusions as regards both spatial research and spatial planning shall round off the sequence of the three intensive block teaching courses within the framework of module 11.


The third and final comprehensive exercise shall be prepared by the students by mid-June 2009. The goal of this last exercise is to elaborate the outcomes of module 11 as part of an exhibition which may be used to open the SKuOR Summer Academy in September 2009.