IMG_6148_sw   Associate Professor Dr. phil Sabine Knierbein Since December 2008, Sabine Knierbein is in charge of the scientific development, the structural establishment and management of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Urban Culture and Public Space (SKuOR). She also is realizes further activities such as academic networking on the European as well as international scale.
  Angelika Gabauer holds a master degree in political science from the University of Vienna and studied spatial planning at the Vienna University of Technology. Since October 2018 she supports the Interdisciplinary Centre for Urban Culture and Public Space as University Assistant.
  Stud. Ass. Olivia Kafka, holds a bachelor degree in economics and is studying the BA spatial planning at the TU Wien. She complements the SKuOR team as a study assistant.
  Laura Sanchez is currently studying in the master’s program Architecture and Urban Studies at TU Wien. Since September 2018 she is supporting the SKuOR Team as teaching assistant.
  Proj. Ass. (PräDoc) Judith Lehner, DI, is architect and is involved in research and teaching at SKuOR as project assistant since October 2018.
  DI Tihomir Viderman, MSc is involved in the project EPUM as a project assistant. 
  Katharina Höftberger, BA BSc is administrative support within the project EPUM.