Monika Mokre

foto_mokre PhD. Political science

„Physical public spaces are a key element of democratic publicness. On basis of the questions of how decision making with regards to public spaces works, how it is dealt with, what is permitted, what is prohibited, who is excluded democracy can be described.”

 External lecturer

Faculty of architecture and planning
Vienna University of Technology

External lecturer
Political Scientist

Curriculum vitae Monika Mokre

born 1963 in Graz.

Professional career, planning and research experience

Research Fellow at the Institute for Cultural Studies and History of Theatre, Austrian Academy of Sciences

Board Member of FOKUS, the Austrian Society for Cultural Economics and Policy Studies.

Chairwoman of eipcp, european institute for progressive cultural policies

Lecturer at the Universities Innsbruck, Salzburg and Vienna, the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, the Technical University in Vienna, and the University of Arts in Belgrade.

Research area

European Democracy and Public Sphere, European Integration, European Governance, Gender Studies, Cultural Politics and Financing of the Arts, Cultural Management, Media Politics


Austrian Academy of Sciences