Levente Polyák

levente_polyak120x120 MA, Urban Sociology

Flexibility, transformation and innovation are vital forces of the contemporary city. Public spaces, if they are cultivated by a great variety of activities, are primary engines of this force. For it is in public spaces that “the city goes soft: it awaits the imprint of an identity. For better or worse, it invites you to remake it, to consolidate I into a shape you can live in.” (Jonathan Raban: Soft City)

External lecturer

Faculty of Architcture and Planning
Vienna University of Technology

External lecturer
urbanist, sociologist, art critique, architecture curator


Email. levente.polyak@kek.org.hu

Curriculum vitae Levente Polyák

CV, Bio 

Professional Experience, curatorial projects, editorial experience and exhibitions

Professional experience

Research residency at Orange Labs SENSELab, Paris

Internship at the Délégation à la Politique de la Ville et à l’Intégration (DPVI), Paris

Internship at the New York City Department of City Planning, Manhattan Office

Jury member in the competition of urban public space projects for Pécs European Capital of Culture 2010 – preparation of the competition; entry evaluations

Co-editor of the Budapest candidature for 2010 European Capital of Culture, Budapest Cultural Observatory – editing, research, call for articles

Co-organiser of the Federation of Young European Greens conference, Strasbourg (F)

Curatorial projects

Organizer of “Anatomy of a Street. Researching and shaping post/socialist space” international symposium in Budapest (H)

Organizer of “The Architecture of Survival. Learning from Yona Friedman” international conference in Budapest (H)

Co-organizer of the “After the Cultural City” international conference in Pécs (H)

Co-curator of the Anatomy of a Street exhibition at the London Festival of Architecture

Curator of the Budapest Architectural Film Days, Centre for Contemporary Architecture

Co-organiser of the „conZerve? Preservation and Utilisation of Industrial Heritage” conference at the Centre for Contemporary Architecture – programme; communication; event organisation

Editorial experience

2010 Anatomy of a Street, catalogue for the London Festival of Architecture (with Eszter Steierhoffer)

2007 Die Planung Magazine (with Martin Conrads, Katarina Sevic, Sandra bartoli and Silvan Linden)

Exhibitions, screenings

“Rounding Off” video shown in Budapest (Budapest Filmfestival), Berlin (Neuer Berliner Kunstverein), New York (Hungarian Cultural Institute), Pécs (Európa-ház), Bangalore (Shumuka Gallery) and New Delhi (Lalit Kala Academy) and Rotterdam Documentary Film Festival

The Other City (Trafó, Budapest)

External KnowHow

audio, video, cartography