Jörg Hofstätter

foto-hofstätter Mag. Arch., Architecture

“The Computer game industry has become a some kind of a motivation-machine,  that people, that gamers can get into for hours and hours. This endurance for playful experience implies a very high potential, we just have to  interlace relevant inputs for knowledge transfer into the virtual worlds. This would broaden and support  the way of teaching, learning and doing research.”


 External lecturer

Faculty of architecture and planning
Vienna University of Technology

External lecturer
Architecture, online strategies, visual communication
Philanthropist, executive of Ovos media gmbh


Email. jh@ovos.at

Curriculum vitae Jörg Hofstätter

born 1975 in Gmunden, Upperaustria/Austria.

Professional career, planning and research experience

since 2005
Lectures at the Vienna University of Technology, at the academy of fine arts Vienna and the FH Hagenberg

Foundation and build-up of Ovos Media.

Foundation and build-up of the multi-media agency seso new media.

1996 – 2002
Studies of architecture at the University of Applied Arts Vienna
Diploma 2002 at studio Zaha Hadid

External KnowHow

Visual communication
Virtual and Augmented Space
Educational Games


Ovos media gmbh
Jörg Hofstätter