Call for Hosting of Urban Workshops

*C*ities, *A*ction, *R*esearch and *E*ducation

International Urban Studies Conference at TU Wien in ViennaAustria 
20 – 22 November 2019


The Interdisciplinary Centre for Urban Culture and Public Space [] at the Faculty of Architecture and Planning, TU Wien, extends a call to colleagues at universities and the city’s administrative bodies and organizations, as well as other institutional and non-institutional actors in Vienna and beyond, for proposals for workshops which will be an add-on to the International Urban Studies Conference *C*ities, *A*ction, *R*esearch and *E*ducation. These events will be included in the program on the third day of the conference, 22 November 2019, following the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership in Higher Education Multiplier Event EPUM and the Meeting of the AESOP Thematic Group Public Spaces and Urban Cultures.

The conference is embedded in the KTH & TU Wien Joint Visiting Professorship Program in Urban Studies at TU Wien and will explore mutually formative relations between cities and care. We aim to discuss ambivalences inherent to care in regard to achieved progresses and ongoing struggles as well as to reflect on the power of caring practices in shaping solidary urban futures. The conference will pursue a more systematic integration of a plurality of empirical, methodological, theoretical and ethical approaches to care in urban studies, and wants to forward thoughts about care in three themes: (I) Socio-spatial (in)equalities and the work of care; (II) Struggles and contestations around care and (III) New care arrangements and civic innovation. For further information on the topics and aims of the conference, see the outline of the conference.

We invite an interdisciplinary public from universities, research institutes, public authorities, activist groups, (non-profit) organizations, consultancies, offices, and others to submit proposals for a two hours’ workshop for 15-20 participants in Vienna, which will be organized on a voluntary basis. Your workshop will create space of exchange on your design, research or performative urban strategies and programs as well as urban policy in connection with broader theoretical and practical debates concerning issues of care. Multiple languages are possible but please make sure that someone helps with informal English translations. In exceptional cases we can support you in this regard by sending a colleague who helps you with English translations. You are invited to provide work space at the location of your choice. The conference organizing team can offer assistance in finding a suitable workshop room at TU Wien.

Organizers of a workshop will be given free conference access on all days (for two persons), including the Evening Reception and Party, and will benefit from comprehensive exchange with an international and inter-disciplinary community. For each workshop an expense allowance of EUR 100,- (plus VAT) is offered.

Proposals for workshops of up to 300 words that explain the theme, content, relevance, location and method of exchange (such as site visits, excursions, interventions, roundtable, presentations, debates, play, walk or other), including accompanying short biographies of organizers (50 words), are welcomed by 20 September 2019.

Please send your proposal to until 20 September 2019.

A detailed outline of the conference including information on the themes and the program is available here.

For further information on how to offer a workshop within the framework of the conference *C*ities, *A*ction, *R*esearch and *E*ducation, please contact Angelika Gabauer at (ideally until 29August 2019).