Karlsplatz Vienna Revisited – Everyday tourism and Policy Innovation

Link: TISS 260.345

UE Übung / Semester houres: 2.5 / ECTS: 2.5

Aim of the course

Dealing with alternative approaches to a sort of different everyday tourism for the local dwellers and users of the square. The objective of the derives and walking activities (within the 3 days-workshop) are the mapping of hospitality and welcoming places in the urban site of Karlsplatz and the translation of this perception in the counter-map’s cartographies.

In terms of the results a sort of “design brief” for future public design competitions related to Karlsplatz (in open format: plan, movie, art piece, etc.) could be drawn out to give those that are currently preparing the competition on the site of the City of Vienna some alternative ideas for a future design competition focusing on the everyday features of the place beyond consumption-orientation (which is often fostered once international tourists are considered the primary target group of public space redesign in central urban squares).

Subject of the course

Karlsplatz, closeby the TU Main Building, is a historical and very lively square which is facing regeneration in the years to come due to the restoration of one of its central institutions, the Wien Museum next door.  As the square is currently very well used and accepted by the local population as well as visitors, the city administration might likely involve a strong focus on tourism when (partly) redesigning it.  So in this course we will point out, analyse and deal with the very special qualities at this stage, by meanings of social, affective, cultural, economic and historical identity.

The course is based on a workshop-concept proposed by Brasilian architect and artist Celma Paese and composed by three activities: Walking, the participants map the path of their lives. Counter-maps of Walking, these experiences are transferred to the mapping of urban surroundings. Projecting the Architecture of Hospitality and Social Inclusion, the students project a welcome and hospitality place for foreigners to promote the first steps towards social inclusion. It is a different way to work with the space: The counter maps can provide a different spatial vision of a place, focused in the welcoming forms in a space.

Additional Information

Kick off: Tuesday 14 October, from 17.30 to 19.30, Mobiles Stadtlabor, Resselpark

Intensive workshop course: October 17th – 22th

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