Wintersemester 2012/2013

Stadtkultur, öffentlicher Raum und Ressourcen: Ästhetik und Materialität

The theme in 2012 “Urban culture, public space, and resources – Aesthetics and materiality” refers to the many understandings of the materials from which public space is structurally arranged and built, as well as of themateriality of cultural practices, needs and interventions. Abstractly speaking, we are concerned with the material production of space as a facet of the social production of space, an area where aesthetics can be given a particular, albeit ambivalent, role. At the same time, aesthetic change is an essential analytical starting point in urban studies for research into the widely varying phenomena of social change.

The annual theme year will be organized around two term themes:

In 2012 the Interdisciplinary Centre for Urban Culture and Public Space (SKuOR) aligns its efforts through the interdisciplinary combination of different viewpoints toward the importance of a wide variety of resources to the development of public space. Identifying productive links between technological and built change and social and design progress is conducive to ensuring the protection of the use value of public and collective goods and the public character of public spaces as places where public life unfolds.