Doktoranden Seminar

How to publish a paper in urban studies or planning theory?

Link: 280.547

SE Seminar / Semester hours: 2.0 / ECTS 3.0

**This course will be offered by Assoc. Prof. Sabine Knierbein and Univ. Ass. (postdoc) Johannes Suitner**

i. Aim of the Course

This seminar is addressed to doctoral students working in the fields of urban studies and planning theory, and all related fields. Upon request of a group of doctoral students in spatial planning, we have specifically designed a doctoral course that addresses particularly issues related to writing and publishing scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals, but also book chapters. So by the end of the seminar students should have learned to get an overview about the landscape of relevant scientific journals (and how they differ), get some information on how to structure and write a paper prior to submission and also how to deal with referee’s reviews. Learning goals are as well related to being able to differentiate between types of case studies and about issues of co-authorship. Differentiations between theoretical, methodological and empirical papers will be drawn and student can learn something about the duration and different stages of writing and publication processes.

ii. Subject of the Course

Students will be asked to provide an abstract and a first (5pages) sketch for a scientific paper they plan to write. Every student will have the opportunity to present his/her article project within 10min each day we meet so that we also can discuss the progress and comment on the progress you make. One day will be specifically dedicated to creative writing techniques for scientific writing, whereas other days will be organized as a mix between teaching inputs and participants project presentations. We will invite colleagues from the department/faculty to offer a short insight into their experiences with writing papers and getting them published. Students will learn that many colleagues who successfully publish have also been dealing with tricky reviews, rejections and in-depth revisions of papers they have invested a lot of efforts for. So rather than sharing success stories, colleagues would like to offer an „everyday“ insight into the work of authoring scientific papers, and would also give some information about their work as editors of journals and books and as referees for double-blind-peer reviewed papers. Finally, we will also discuss budgetary aspects for translations, English style corrections, Journal Fees for Authors (Paid Open Access) versus general open-access journals. We are furthermore open to the questions and comments students will make in the beginning of the course.

iii. Additional Information

The course language is English.

You should be a student registered as PhD student at TU Wien (or another university=Mitbeleger). We appreciate contributions from different disciplines that generate knowledge in urban studies and planning theory. Participants ideally have visited lectures on research methodology and research design, on urban studies and/or planning theory, as this will not be part of the summer term PhD seminar. We will offer this in the course of the forthcoming winter term thesis seminar. In case you have not visited such type of courses before, we also appreciate if you are a member of a working context (e.g. Doktoratskolleg) in which these debates have been established already.

Please consider the plagiarism guidelines of TU Wien when writing your seminar paper:

iv. Dates

Thu 08.03.2018 09:00 – 12:30   Seminarraum 268/2 Unit 1+2  
Wed 11.04.2018 09:00 – 14:30   Seminarraum 268/2 Unit 3,4,5+6  
Mon 07.05.2018 09:00 – 12:30   Seminarraum 268/1 Unit 7+8 Short Input Justin Kadi 
Mon 07.05.2018 14:00 – 15:30   Seminarraum 268/1 Unit 9  
Tue 08.05.2018 09:00 – 12:30   Seminarraum 268/3 Unit 10+11  
Tue 08.05.2018 14:00 – 15:30   Seminarraum 268/3 Unit 12 Short Input Anita Aigner
Wed 06.06.2018 13:45 – 17:00   Seminarraum 268/2 Unit 13+14 Short Input Alexander Hamedinger

v. Course registration

Please register for the course via TISS

  • Begin: 01.02.2018 20:30
  • End: 26.02.2018 20:30
  • Deregistration end: 26.02.2018 20:30

vi. Examination modalities

Every participant will be asked

  • to upload your paper drafts on TUWEL at least 10days prior to your scheduled presentation, so that all participants can read it prior to the session where it will be presented
  • to write a short paragraph of comment on each of your colleague’s paper draft and to upload it on TUWEL latest the night before the respective teaching unit
  • to actively participate in the creative writing workshop and in further writing exercises
  • to present your paper in depth in the scheduled slot and to report on your papers progress during successive blocks.