Modul 11

CITY MIXING. Public Space as a Medium for transcultural learning.

Cities have long been a meeting place of cultures and people. With meeting of cultures and people come learning, sharing of knowledge, new understanding, and creativity, despite with also conflicts and misgivings. These convergent and divergent forces constitute the complexity and dynamic of cities and communities and provokes us to link the following questions about today`s globalized cities to the production of knowledge about public space:

In today’s globalizing cities:

  • WHERE and HOW do different cultures and people meet? 
  • Can urban spaces, particularly public spaces, FACILITATE the MEETING of cultures/people/ideas/activities, the negotiation of differences, and the sharing and MAKING OF KNOWLEDGE in/about public space? 
  • How does such “facilitation” OCCUR? 
  • How can we turn potential places of conflicts and tensions into places of LEARNING?
  • Can such meeting and MIXING OF CULTURES help us REIMAGINE the MAKING OF public space and the PUBLICS?

In cities and regions around the globe today, movement and migrations of people have continued to shape the makeup and making of neighborhoods, districts, and communities. In North America, new immigrants have revitalized many of the decaying urban landscapes, creating renewed cultural ambiance and economic networks that redefine and rebuild the city. Across the Pacific, migrant workers turn deserted office districts and streetscapes into vibrant urban sites, thereby challenging the conventional norm and regulation of public space. Where can we find similar examples in Vienna and other European cities?

The City Mixing module addresses `DIFFERENT `AGENTS´ and actors in/of public space. It addresses the process of building new relationships and the creation of contemporary meanings and knowledge AMONG diverse urban inhabitants.


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Module 11 Urban culture, public space and knowledge. Education and difference.

Virtual seminar room
VU 280.261 Concepts and critique of the production of space
SE 280.262 Strategies and intervention of the production of space
AG 280.263 Paths and tools of the production of space



  • Kick Off (12th March)
  • Frameworks (ITB/Intensive Teaching Block I, 18th until 22nd March 2013, 5 days)
  • Case studies (ITB II, 22nd April until 26th April 2013, 5 days)
  • Tools (ITB III, 10th June until 14th June 2013, 5 days)