Modul 11

Module 11 Urban culture, public space and resources. Aesthetics and materiality.

Module 11 courses explore how urban design, radical social praxis, community and environmental activism, artistic intervention and play, can be fused together in meaningful ways. It aims to highlight that environmental protection and the call to “save nature” goes beyond a call to preserve green pastures as leisure grounds for western city dwellers. Universities (e.g. Vienna UT) provide scholars and knowledge to come up with technological innovation targeting environmentally friendly ways of building, design and planning. However, a consideration of resources that does not link the physical, the social, the cultural and the political dimensions of resource allocation, redistribution and management, seems to fall short of integrating technological progress and the social wellbeing of communities and the public in general. The call to “save the environment” is vacuous unless linked to the social call to produce better living and health standards for everybody. Module 11 “Urban culture, public space and resources. Aesthetics and materiality” can initiate collaboration between students, the local community and local authorities as well as between different thinkers and doers within the university that work in particular scientific spheres. It shows that architectural/design/planning interventions can work as a magnifying lens, which:


  • Asserts that, apart from being objects of conservation and admiration, and apart from their aesthetic beauty, urban natural landscapes, are public spaces and a form of lived experience.
  • Brings into closer focus the local and the global socio-environmental issues around the politics of resources.
  • Challenges the diverse interrelations between nature/culture/society by focusing on the public urban realm, emerging social needs and cultural expressions
  • Invokes a deeply politicised vision of urban nature and urban public spaces, one that is neither nostalgic nor dismissive.


Master students from spatial planning, architecture and all other space related disciplines are very welcome to join our course. Contact us!


For further information and registration, please have a look at the module 11 courses via TISS (click on course number, table below). For data exchange and material related to the courses, please access the virtual seminar rooms.

Module 11 Urban culture, public space and resources. Aesthetics and materiality

Virtual seminar room
VU 280.038 Urban culture and public space – Strategies and interventions of space production (Kaika, Knierbein) Link
SE 280.039 Urban culture and public space – Concepts and critique of space production (Kaika, Knierbein) Link
AG 280.040 Urban culture and public space – Paths and tools of space production Kaika, Vidermann) Link
AG 280.033 Creative Processes in Urban Development and Urban Research (Polyák) Link
SE 280.057 Spatial implications of social change (Maicher, Vidermann) Link


Course structure and dates

Module 11 Kick-Off Intermezzo (6th March 2012, 2-3:30pm)
Intermezzo II (14th March 2012, 11-12:30pm)
Intensive Teaching Block I – Control by design (19th to 22nd March 2012, all day)
Intensive Teaching Block II – Claiming resources as public spaces (26th to 29nd March 2012, all day)
Intermezzo III (18th April 2012, 11-12:30pm)
Intermezzo IV (25th April 2012, 11-12:30pm)
Intermezzo V (2nd May 2012, 11-12:30pm)
Intensive Teaching Block III – The act of living (29th May to 1st June 2012, all day)