EX The city as workshop: Actors, institutions and urban development

by Sabine Knierbein and Philipp Krebs

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General information

The excursion will take place between the 16th and 22nd December 09 to Cologne and Berlin. This course is obligatory for spatial planning students (comprehensive P3 solution). For architecture and further students, it is an elective course. Working language will be English. For inscription, please register via „groups 56“ until lastest the 20th of October 09.

Goals of the course

It is the aim of the excursion to complement the course spectrum of the SKuOR in winter term regarding media institutions and their impact on the urban fabric as well as on urban societies (and viceversa)by having a look at how other public media institutions, how other cities recently tried to cope with such challenges. Besides inputs by different actors and institutions ranging from the producers of public opinion towards the producers of counter-public opinion, another goal of the excursion is to use the possibility of interdisciplinary work between students coming from architecture, spatial planning and from other disciplines (sociology, critical geography, landscape architecture, urban economics, etc.)and elaborate what we heard and saw during the excursion. Therefore, the excursion is thought to be a mobile atelier stopping in Cologne and Berlin.

Related to the SKuOR winter term topic „The ORF story„, we will travel to the WDR city Germany and see, how institutional restructuring of the German public broadcaster affected the urban fabric. In Berlin, we will, viceversa, try to investigate how a city tries to reshape itself by inserting media clusters (Adlershof, Media Spree). What are the expectations of city administrations behind such urban design strategies? Which potential is connotated with media institutions when it comes to central decisions regarding urban development in the renewed German capital? Besides the top-down perspective, we will also try to get in contact with bottom-up initiatives such as „Media Spree versenken“ and others.