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Politics of public spaces 10-4-1

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Critical urban research is an academic practice which has been established again at various architecture and planning faculties in Europe due to urgent needs to tackle pressing and crucial questions of complexity and velocity in current urban development processes in cities in postfordist transition. That is why the SKuOR offers an introductory module to critical urban research in summer term 2010 where especially qualitative, experimental and innovative techniques of qualitative social research and practice will be employed. In summer term 2010, research activities of the SKuOR within Module 11 will focus on a certain „piece of the Viennese cake“, namely a stretch comprising districts 10 – Favoriten -, 4 – Wieden and 1 – Inner City.

This stretch has been chosen out of various reasons:
• understanding differing policies as regards centre and periphery relations in Vienna
• preparing the P3/Design/elective course project in winter term: a critical research into Vienna central station project and how it is embedded within the urban fabric and urban development processes
• investigating the challenging notion of cultural diversity in Vienna and how this is manifested in everyday life in public spaces.

By interviewing and involving state actors on the national, city and district level, we first want to get a picture on the status quo of politics of public space in Vienna. This perspective on state actors will be counterbalanced by research into how civil society, how market actors perceive politics of public spaces in Vienna.

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1st Intensive Teaching Block: 16th – 19th of March 2010

2nd Intensive Teaching Block: 26th – 29th of April 2010

3rd Intensive Teaching Block: 14th – 17th of June 2010

Lecture 280.032 ‚Introduction to public spaces theories I‘ takes place on Wednesdays, 2 – 3.30 pm, Karlsgasse 13, 1st floor

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