UNSETTLED - Urban routines, temporalities and constestations

International Urban Conference 29th - 31th March 2017

The Interdisciplinary Centre for Urban Culture and Public Space at the Faculty of Architecture and Planning, TU Wien, invites participation in the conference Unsettled: urban routines, temporalities and contestations. The conference aims to explore conditions and conceptions of the unsettled. Urban life is characterized by diverse manifestations of instability which continuously stretch or redefine the social order and/or critical/community infrastructures of cities: everyday struggles related to the capitalist system of production, revolutions in political life and political system overthrows, quests for dominance and their oppositions in political, social, economic, ecological or cultural domains. These unsettling practices simultaneously challenge and nourish a variety of idea(l)s of the city as an inclusive place of liberation, cooperation, equal opportunities and shared (better) futures. The goal of the conference is thus to (1) understand the uncertainties, disturbances, inconsistencies, residuals and blind fields which constitute the urban both as lived space and the political idea(l), and (2) foster an inquiry into the socio-political potentialities of unsettling and re-settling urban routines, temporalities and contestations. More Information


cover public space and relational perspectives TORNAGHI Chiara, KNIERBEIN Sabine (2015, Routledge)
Public Space and Relational Perspectives. New Challenges for Architecture and Planning.
Traditional approaches to understand space tend to view public space mainly as a shell or container, focussing on its morphological structures and functional uses. That way, its ever-changing meanings, contested or challenged uses have been largely ignored, as well as the contextual and on-going dynamics between social actors, their cultures, and struggles. The key role of space in enabling spatial opportunities for social action, the fluidity of its social meaning and the changing degree of "publicness" of a space remain unexplored fields of academic inquiry and professional practice. Public Space and Relational Perspectives offers a different understanding of public spaces in the city. The aim of the book is to (re)introduce the lived experiences in public life into the teaching curricula of those academic disciplines which deal with public space and the built environment, such as architecture, planning and urban design, as well as the social sciences. The book presents conceptual, practical and research challenges and brings together findings from activists, practitioners and theorists. The editors provide eight educational challenges that educators can endorse when training future practitioners and researchers to accept and to engage with the social relations that unfold in and through public space.
Cover image: KARO* architekten
Book Review von Christine Mady, in Urban Studies Journal.
Presseaussendung von TU Wien
9780415640558 MADANIPOUR Ali, KNIERBEIN Sabine and DEGROS Aglaee (2014)
Public Space and the Challenges of Urban Transformation in Europe. Routledge. English. 232 pages. Routledge. Mehr Information.
cover_issue_4060_es_ES Guest-edited by DOMINGUEZ, Cristina and KNIERBEIN Sabine (2014, Routledge)
Espacio Público y las Políticas Urbanas. Revista Gestión y Ambiente Vol. 17, 2014/1 (Beiträge sind online zugänglich).
knierbein_produktion_zentraler_oeff_raeume_pub KNIERBEIN Sabine (2010, VS Verlag)
Die Produktion zentraler öffentlicher Räume in der Aufmerksamkeitsökonomie. Ästhetische, ökonomische und mediale Restrukturierungen durch gestaltwirksame Koalitionen in Berlin seit 1980. Mehr Information.


vom 07. September 2016
aufgrund von Renovierungsarbeiten ist das SKuOR Büro vorübergehend in der Augasse 2-6, 1090 Wien angesiedelt.
09. - 13. Jänner 2017
12. Jänner 2017
4. Prüfungstermin VO 280.392, SoSe16, 15:45, Seminarraum 268/1,  Spange A, 2. Stock
29. - 31. März 2017
Internationale Urbane Konferenz, "UNSETTLED - Urban routines, temporalities and contestations", TU Wien Sky Lounge, 11th Floor, Getreidemarkt 9, 1060 Wien
13. April 2017
Eingeladene Keynote Speech, Sabine Knierbein, AESOP Young Academics Conference, TU München, DE (tbc), 9:00 Uhr
13. Juni 2017
Eingeladene Keynote Speech, Sabine Knierbein, "La ciudad no calla. Nuevos paisajes de solidaridad y de resistencia urbanas” 2ndo Congreso Internacional de Paisaje Urbano, Barcelona, 10:00 Uhr