Ausschreibung: eine Stelle für teilzeitbeschäftigte Universitätsassistenz (pre-doc) im Bereich "Stadtkultur und Öffentlicher Raum"

The Interdisciplinary Centre for Urban Culture and Public Space ( at the Department of Spatial PlanningFaculty of Architecture and PlanningTU Wien offers a temporary part-time predoc-position (25 hours/week, from July 1, 2016 to  February 28, 2018) in the fields of urban culture and public space, with a strong focus on multidisciplinary research on urban cultures and emerging cultural needs and practices. read more (in English).

Ausschreibung: eine Stelle für teilzeitbeschäftigte Studienassistenz

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cover public space and relational perspectives TORNAGHI Chiara, KNIERBEIN Sabine (2015)
Public Space and Relational Perspectives. New Challenges for Architecture and Planning. Routledge.
Traditional approaches to understand space tend to view public space mainly as a shell or container, focussing on its morphological structures and functional uses. That way, its ever-changing meanings, contested or challenged uses have been largely ignored, as well as the contextual and on-going dynamics between social actors, their cultures, and struggles. The key role of space in enabling spatial opportunities for social action, the fluidity of its social meaning and the changing degree of "publicness" of a space remain unexplored fields of academic inquiry and professional practice. Public Space and Relational Perspectives offers a different understanding of public spaces in the city. The aim of the book is to (re)introduce the lived experiences in public life into the teaching curricula of those academic disciplines which deal with public space and the built environment, such as architecture, planning and urban design, as well as the social sciences. The book presents conceptual, practical and research challenges and brings together findings from activists, practitioners and theorists. The editors provide eight educational challenges that educators can endorse when training future practitioners and researchers to accept and to engage with the social relations that unfold in and through public space.
Cover image: KARO* architekten
Book Review von Christine Mady, in Urban Studies Journal.
Presseaussendung von TU Wien
My place their place our place Interdisciplinary Center for Urban Culture and Public Space in Kooperation mit der Stadt Wien, MA 21 (2015)
My Place, their Place, our Place. Urban Culture, Public Space and Knowledge - Education and Difference.
Booklet Bachelorprojekt "Introduction to urban studies” mit Beiträgen von Jeff Hou, Sabine Knierbein, Elke Rauth, Lale Rodgarkia-Dara und Tihomir Viderman sowie den Studierenden des Bachelorprojektes WS 13/14. Vorwort von Vizebürgermeisterin Maria Vassilakou. Kostenlos für Selbstabhholer. Mail
cover_issue_4060_es_ES Guest-edited by DOMINGUEZ, Cristina and KNIERBEIN Sabine (2014)
Espacio Público y las Políticas Urbanas. Revista Gestión y Ambiente Vol. 17, 2014/1 (Beiträge sind online zugänglich).


Wir gratulieren Elina Kränzle für den zweiten Platz des best-paper-price, den sie im Rahmen der AESOP Young Academics Conference in Ghent, Belgien für ihren Artikel "Re-appropriating the City of Crisis Citizen Participation in the Governance of Public Space in Berlin and Madrid" erhielt.
20. - 24. Juni 2016
Intensive Teaching Block III.
23. Juni 2016
22. - 24. Juni 2016
Konferenzvorbereitungsworkshop - die GastprofessorInnen 2016-2017, Nikolai Roskamm, Sybille Frank, Ed Wall und das SKuOR Team vor Ort bereiten die im nächsten Jahr stattfindende Konferenz vor.
 26. Juni - 01. Juli 2016
Transatlantic Policy Lab Bertelsmann Foundation Washington in Athens
01. - 08. Juli 2016
Keynote Speech von Sabine Knierbein "Public Space and Housing Affairs, and ‘resistance combined’- About silences, absences and the public articulation of critique", Summer School in Urban Studies "Understanding Public Spaces: Unravelling Complexities", Universität Wien.
15. Juli - 30. September 2016
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